What can I say about India? With my own eyes I witnessed the blind seeing, the deaf hearing, the lame walking, and the poor hearing the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the first time. I can not speak for “all of India” because the various regions can be very different. We were in the north west, the Punjab region, a primarily agricultural area. The people were very hospitable and curious. In the villages where we worked, we stayed in people’s homes. They expected nothing from us in return. In some homes the families slept on their roof top “deck” so we could sleep in the rooms. In one case we stayed in a house where the owners were in the US. The people taking care of the house charged us literally pennies a day. While there we lost our cooks for a time, and those responsible for the house took over the task of cooking for us without any negotiating. God’s blessings were also often apparent. In one case, the elderly father in the home was extremely ill and confined to bed when we arrived. When we left, 10 days later, he was well, up and around, and performing chores.